Papaver art is a return to the roots.

A young company that promotes what used to be, and what is worth coming back to, yet in a new edition. Handiwork has always been the most precious gift of man, that is why in our company, everything is made with the use of crochet and knitting needles.

Nowadays, over-filled market needs original and uncommon clothes and articles, which gives the feeling of essence.

Papaver art is a bow in the direction of a true woman, who needs a handkerchief and a glove, but men and children will find something as well.

Wide range of clothes and accessories for women - seen somewhere or designed in our company:

  • dresses
  • sweaters
  • shawls
  • ponchos
  • two-piece dresses
For men and children, sweaters for every season.

At a fixed time, we are able to make clients' projects for special occasions, e.g. wedding dresses. Wide range of home accessories, such as:

  • drapes
  • tableclothes
  • tapestries
  • lampshades
  • gobelins

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